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5 highest mountains of Europe

Located on the territory of France Mont Blanc still retains primacy in height in Europe. However, due to a decrease in fixed, there is a possibility that over time the highest point of the mountain will become another of its peak, located 500 meters west of the established top. The height is now 4,792 meters.

Elbrus – the mountain in the Caucasus, which is considered the highest not only in Europe but also in Russia. It is a cone ancipitate extinct volcano. The western peak has a height of 5642 meters, and the East – 5621 meter. The distance between two vertices is 3 kilometers.

Dufour Peak (German Dufourspitze, fr. Pointe Dufour), located in the Pennine Alps, is the highest mountain in Switzerland. Peak – the highest point of the mountain massif of Monte Rosa. Its height is 4,634 m.

Matterhorn (Italian Monte Cervino, fr. Mont Cervin, It. Matterhorn) – picturesque mountain in the Alps. Located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Height of 4478 meters.
It rises between the Swiss resort of Zermatt and the Italian Breuil-Cervinia. Name of the mountain comes from the German words Matte (meaning meadow) and Horn (peak)
The highest mountain in Georgia Shkhara altitude 5,201 meters (17,059 ft) is located in the Svaneti region.

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